Monday, February 23, 2009

Wersi Friends

Dear Friends...A Wersi owner needs to appeal to anyone in the Ontario, Canada area. He needs to rent a Wersi organ . Any of the following models will work....DX-350, DX 400,DX 500 or
DX 10. All proceeds from this event will go to cherity.
Dates needed...April 04 to 07 and July 25 to 31, 2009. Contact, or
rwh@cwjamaica or bobhun@cwjamaica, or 876-924-2609 or 416-628-9512

Wersi CDextra Gamma with Livestyle, Walnut cabinet, 25pedals and (2) 61 note manuals

Monday, January 19, 2009


Selling organs today makes me one of the last dinosaurs. Most of my contacts and now friends are retirees. Many of this group are 70-90 years old. These people are my inspiration. They are full of happiness and energy. I'm not sure where the energy comes from...maybe some magic pill; but I do know where the happiness comes What's common among this group is the love of music...not only listening to it but participating in it. Some didn't take up playing until retirement when time became available. Many areas of the country offer adult class lessons that are not only educational but loads of fun. There is no pressure because the instructors understand that this is a hobby and having fun is a must. Today's classes make learning easy. So check you schedules and squeeze out a little time each week for having fun.
On our last blog we recommended Their blog is a must with a wealth of instructional information... go to

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Great Price for beginners...$ 1500
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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Immusic is Back

One of my all-time favorite song arrangers and concert artist is Ric Iannone. Ric and Curt recently re-opened their web site featuring song arrangements... Midi Song files, MP-3 Song files, Wave files, and custom arrangements....some as low as .99 cents.
Free Demos 0n website.

Pre-owned Wersi Gala organ with Memory Tower, Golden Gate, with Matching Speakers
in Wa,nut finish...Great condition.
When New over $ 30,000. NOW $ 4990. Guaranteed and Free delivery within 100 miles
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